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You are not alone! Despite tremendous advances in dentistry, the American Dental Association estimates that nearly 28 million Americans wear full or partial dentures. Unfortunately, the ADA also estimates that currently, only about 3-5% of practicing dentists have any advanced denture training beyond what they initially learned way back in dental school and, with the advancements in implant dentistry, some dental schools are even beginning to cut back denture training. This leaves quality denture-making a virtually lost art, with approximately 8% of the total US population under-served in this critical area.

Dr. Agnew has made it his mission to pursue advanced training and utilize the very best labs and equipment to become the #1 denture provider in the Orange County / Inland Empire area. His goal is to ensure 100% of his denture patients are completely comfortable and satisfied wearing their dentures.

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Quality Dentures: The Way They Used to Be Made

High-volume denture labs with minimal training and high employee turnover are becoming much more common today. Virtually every denture that comes from this type of lab has glaring flaws in design if you know what to look for. Both the patient and the dentist quickly become frustrated at having to repeatedly address issues such as sore spots and unstable appliances, especially on the lower jaw. That is why, at Canyon View Dentistry, we utilize arguably the most knowledgeable denture lab in the country. Each appliance is personally finished by the owner, who is a worldwide lecturer and renowned denture authority. With more than 42 years of experience to his credit, it is highly unlikely you will have a unique situation he has not encountered previously.

We also ensure your dentures are made from only the very best materials. In most cases, porcelain teeth are used instead of acrylic resin (plastic) teeth. These provide far superior aesthetics and substantially better wear, function, and lifespan.

The Non-Surgical "Facelift" for Denture Wearers

Turn back the clock! Properly fitted dentures take into consideration your underlying facial support, which is necessary for your front teeth to properly support the lips and your back teeth to support the cheeks. If your dentures are not designed for facial fullness, the result is an older, aged, "sunken in" appearance.

Once we have determined, through careful measurement, your exact facial dimensions, your dentures can be constructed in a way that provides plumper-appearing lips, a tighter neck, and a more defined jawline and chin. Wrinkles at the corners of the mouth can also be significantly reduced.

Frustrated with Your Loose Dentures?

Say goodbye to messy pastes forever! Quite often, dentures are loose and unstable due to severe bone loss. We have many different solutions to deal with this common situation. Often, we can utilize a revolutionary type of tooth setup that looks completely natural yet provides significantly more stability than a traditional denture— all without any loss of chewing function. In fact, virtually all patients can benefit and chew more efficiently with this unique setup.

If even more retention is desired, our Anaheim Hills dentist offers two implant solutions:

  • Snap-On Dentures with Mini Implants - These FDA-approved mini wonders hold dentures in tightly and can be placed in as little as one hour. Virtually any denture patient can be a candidate because only minimal bone is necessary. In some situations, an existing denture can be retrofitted to utilize your new implants. The cost of mini implants is also significantly less than traditional implants. They can also be utilized much more quickly than traditional implants—in some cases, the very same day!
  • Permanent (Non-Removable) Smile - By utilizing traditional implants combined with a screw-retained hybrid bridge/denture that does not come in and out, we provide a system that can restore virtually 100% of your original chewing function and ability. This is for patients who want the ultimate in dentistry.

Exceptional Care Is Just the Beginning

It’s a given: You want only the best dental care for you and your family. With Dr. Agnew, you’ll get that and far more. If you have any questions at all about dentures—such as will they fix an overbite, what you can while wearing dentures, or any other issues you might expect with dentures, please do not hesitate to reach out. Schedule a consultation today by calling our Anaheim Hills office (714) 779-8100 and let us welcome your family into ours.

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