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Try Sleep Dentistry Today & Put Your Fears to Bed

Dr. Agnew understands and acknowledges that being afraid of the dentist is a justifiable feeling to have for a lot of people. In fact, reports indicate that there are up to 145 million Americans who avoid the dentist and do not receive the care they need. Unfortunately, their dental problems only get worse as each year passes.

You can now safely and comfortably have all your dental care completed but feel nothing and, amazingly, you’ll awaken with little to no memory of the experience.

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Our Oral Sedation Options

At Canyon View Dentistry, we offer two wonderful options:

  1. Twilight Dentistry – You simply take a pill at the beginning of your appointment, and you can enjoy a safe, deeply relaxed dental experience.
  2. Sleep Dentistry – This will ensure you are safely, comfortably, and fully asleep during your visit, while being monitored by our on-site dental anesthesiologist.

We also offer nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, for those who just want to feel more relaxed during their treatment.

Discover the Difference That Sedation Dentistry Can Make

If you’ve previously had bad dental experiences or had difficulty getting numb, if you hate needles or gag easily, or if you just have limited time and want your treatment completed in the shortest amount of time possible, then you can rest easy with oral sedation dentistry.

Ready to learn more about your options for sleep dentistry in Anaheim Hills? Contact us at (714) 779-8100 today to schedule a consultation with our team.

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